How to Curb Productivity Killers and Work Time Wasters

shutterstock_146249648There’s a fine line between having a vibrant company culture in which employees can have some downtime fun and blow off steam, and one in which real work actually gets done. At the other end of the spectrum are companies that monitor their employees and put out a “Big Brother is watching” vibe, keeping their staffers on edge.

So how can you find the right balance of keeping your employees working hard, but also not making them feel like scared school children? The first thing is to get a handle on the most common productivity killers in the workplace, which according to a CareerBuilder survey, mostly consists of using technology and doing personal tasks during work hours. Continue Reading

Crying on the Job: How to Handle Emotional Employees


What to do when an employee has an emotional moment during the workday.

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Why You Should Put Yourself in Your Job Candidate’s Shoes


Not treating a job candidate well can ultimately reflect poorly on your employer brand.

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Leadership Development and Talent Management [infographic]


Talent management and leadership development are more important than ever in the success of your company.

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Paying Them to Quit: Bizarre or Brilliant?


Offering disengaged employees an out – a big fat paycheck upon quitting – can actually be good for business.

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What You Can Learn from the Massive Microsoft Layoffs


Should the day ever come when you need to be the bearer of big layoff news, here are some lessons to take away from Microsoft’s less-than-stellar example.

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Avoiding Age Discrimination in Your Hiring Process


Specifying that you’re looking to hire “new grads” can land you in hot water since it can be perceived as a form of age discrimination.

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