Hiring from the Middle

HR hiring from the middleHere’s a stat that may change your approach to recruiting new candidates: 47 percent of all job postings today are for middle-skills jobs, those that require more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree. That according to Accenture’s report: “Bridge the Gap: Rebuilding America’s Middle Skills.”

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Why Employees Lie When Taking a Sick Day

why employees lie about their sick days

Employees are afraid to take a sick day, and often resort to making up lies in order to miss work.

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Senior Life Services Partner: “I Couldn’t Ask for a Better Experience”

Senior Life Services - Sweet Marketing utilize The Employment Network to simplify staffing

The Employment Network’s services cut down on our screening process. Those are man hours that allow us to focus on the right candidates and be more effective with our time. If I were to compare it to Indeed.com, for instance, I would say that only 20% of the candidates are qualified, whereas with TEN, closer to 95% are qualified candidates that we can consider hiring. We typically source an average of one candidate per month from TEN – at a minimum – which turns into a great return on investment. And, our representative, Kal, has been fantastic. With any kind of service company, sometimes the response time is very slow or you have to send emails and then wait 24 hours. Not with The Employment Network. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.
~Shawn Sweet, Managing Partner | Senior Life Services

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Infographic: A Look Into Your Recruiting Future


A new study may shape the way you recruit job seekers, and try to retain the employees you’ve got.

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Job Interview Qs to Use (and Lose)

Interview question to use and to lose

If you’ve fallen back on job interview question cliches, find out which questions will garner more telling responses from your candidates.

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Auto Dealership Hiring Manager: “Just What We Were Looking For”

Lynnes Nissan City pleased with The Employment Network's online recruiting services

“We have hired someone from the applicants you sent us. Thank you. We received three applications–all had terrific experience. One was just what we were looking for. She will start December 1. Thank you again for the service!”
~ Rick Engel, Hiring Manager | Lynnes Nissan

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What Employers Need to Know About Working Moms

What Employers Need to Know About Working Moms

If you count a lot of working moms among your workforce, then you’ll want to pay attention to the results of a recent survey by Care.com. While all employees get stressed from time to time, and have to juggle various commitments, working mothers in particular feel the strain of work life balance issues, as they […]

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