HR Managers: Here’s Your Seasonal Hiring Checklist

shutterstock_186868010With spring almost upon us, it’s time to start thinking about ramping up your seasonal hiring going into summer. If your industry is one that needs to bring in some extra help for the season to cover for other staffers out on vacation, or to support a busier season, you don’t want to waste too much time searching for qualified candidates, or a drawn out interview process.

You also want to make sure your training and on-boarding is efficient so that your new hires can get right to work.

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The Benefits of Cost-Per-Applicant Recruiting

the benefits of cost per applicant recruiting

When it comes to cost-per-applicant recruiting, there is almost always a payoff. Isn’t it time you invested in a recruiting strategy with high rewards?

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Recruiting Retirees: An Untapped Talent Pool to Target


When seeking talent and experience, don’t ignore those approaching retirement as they might wish to keep working if the right position comes along.

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Automotive Group Controller: “You Took the Hassle Out of the Search”

Paul Miller Auto Group testimonial

When a busy controller for an automobile group set out to fill a tough position, she was amazed at the effectiveness of The Employment Network.

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Give Your Employees Some Room to Stretch

give your employees some room to stretch

By encouraging your team to move throughout the day, you can improve productivity and help keep your staff healthy.

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Auto Dealership Business Manager: “You’re the Easiest Company to Work With”

Mahwah Honda testimonial

One busy auto dealership business manager has found CareerCo’s FindTheRightJob team “the easiest to work with” in building his staff.

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Honest-1 Auto Care Driven by Our Efficient, Cost-Effective Service

jobs with honest-1-autocare

Honest-1 Auto Care’s Chicago Region Developer is driven by The Employment Network’s efficient, cost-effective recruitment service.

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Mr. Bult’s Inc: “Ready to Expand”

testimonial from Mr. Bult’s, Inc. (MBI) recruiting manager

For busy automotive trucking company Mr. Bult’s, Inc., the recruitment resources offered by The Employment Network are driving their staffing in the right direction.

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Two Big Plays to Improve Your Hiring Process

figuring out the hiring play by play

These two strategies will improve your entire hiring process so that you don’t miss out on quality job candidates.

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