3 Things We Can Learn From France About Work Life Balance

shutterstock_162366851Once again, the American workforce has a reason to envy the laid back European mindset. As reported in Mashable, two unions in France signed a legally binding labor agreement last Thursday Thursday that encourages some staff to turn off their phones after 6 p.m. The goal is to help reduce burnout and promote a healthy work life balance. While that sounds great in theory, it’s probably just a publicity ploy, but still — why not imagine a world where we get to log off after we punch out?!Continue Reading

Three Hiring Trends to Improve Your Recruitment Efforts

If you have jobs to fill, talent branding, passive candidate recruitment, and internal hiring may help you find the right person for the job.

Three hiring trends – talent branding, passive candidate recruitment, and internal hiring – can be more than buzzwords but part of your recruitment and hiring strategy in 2014.

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How to Look Beyond the Resume to Find Super Hires


Once you learn more about the person behind the portfolio, it may turn out that the guy with the best resume isn’t the best choice for the job.

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Camp Blue Ridge: Successful Hiring Means Happy Trails Ahead

Camp Blue Ridge uses FindTheRightJob.com to hire summer staff

“Hiring staff for summer camps can be a very challenging experience. Short- and long-term staff are needed to fill nearly 100 unique positions in various fields. The Employment Network helped fill so many jobs for us in such a brief period of time. I can’t wait to get started working with them again next season.”
~ Joey Waldman | Camp Blue Ridge

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6 Things About Pay-Per-Applicant Recruiting That Will Change the Entire Way You Hire

pay-per-applicant recruiting

Pay-per-applicant (a.k.a. cost-per-applicant) recruiting is simple and efficient, delivering more bang for your buck than traditional tactics.

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How to Properly Prepare for the Hiring Process

hiring tips

Top-notch candidates are out there, but you’ll never find them if you don’t lay the proper groundwork. Read on for tips to a successful hiring process.

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5 Thoughts to Consider When Hiring Career Changers

hiring the right job candidate

As the growing number of career changers becomes the new norm, keep these considerations in mind when reviewing applications.

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