What You Can Learn from the Massive Microsoft Layoffs

shutterstock_175734632There’s no easy way to break the news to employees that there are layoffs coming, but there’s definitely a wrong way to do it. As carefully illustrated by LinkedIn Publisher Zachary Lukasiewicz, who breaks down Microsoft’s announcement letter paragraph by paragraph, the tech giant showed little compassion and lots of examples of how not to break the unfortunate news that it is cutting 18,000 jobs.

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Avoiding Age Discrimination in Your Hiring Process


Specifying that you’re looking to hire “new grads” can land you in hot water since it can be perceived as a form of age discrimination.

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When Companies Do Good, Everyone Benefits


Research reveals that employer-sponsored philanthropic activities is a great way to boost feelings of good will toward the company.

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Boost Staff Morale With Unique Office Celebrations


Create your own office holiday celebrations to give your office a fun vibe and cultivate workers who truly enjoy their workplace.

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Hiring Those with Disabilities Can Increase the Diversity of Your Workforce


Consider making an effort to recruit those with disabilities to benefit your company.

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6 Fun Ways to Show Some Employee Recognition


Use workplace random acts of recognition to catch employees doing something great, and totally call them out on it.

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Your Last-Minute Seasonal Hiring Checklist


It’s July — here’s how to find and hire a summer crew you can count on.

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