Avoid Cultural Mismatches and Hire the “Right” Candidates

shutterstock_141127654The question on every hiring manager’s mind: How do you find that elusive “perfect fit” for your open positions? Your company’s success – not to mention your own job – can depend on it.

“It has been stated that 89 percent of unsuccessful hires can be traced to a mismatch of culture on the parts of job seekers and businesses,” says Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer at Decision Toolbox, a virtual recruiting firm. Not only is it an expensive mistake (think about the training, the cost of an empty seat, and the cost of replacement), but a bad hire could damage the morale of others around them in the organization, she says.

So how can you make sure you’re hiring employees who get what your company is all about, and will contribute in a meaningful way? While it might seem easier said than done, Cox says there are a few strategies that hiring managers can use to pinpoint the best candidates for each position.Continue Reading

How to Be a More Diverse Employer [infographic]


Having a diverse staff not only lends different perspectives, but it is vital for any business that aims to connect with the general public or on a global scale. Here are some suggestions for how your workplace can embody the spirit of diversity…

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HR, Recruiting, and Staffing Videos You Need to See


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Taco Bell Looks to FindTheRightJob.com to Spice Up Staffing & Recruiting

Taco-Bell uses FindTheRightJob.com to boost staffing and recruitment

“As the owner of 80+ Taco Bell locations throughout Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, it can be a challenge to recruit staff from a vast expanse of areas and positions. Thanks to CareerCo’s FindTheRightJob.com, we were successful in recruiting and staffing for a number of our locations and positions, including general manager, shift manager, and assistant manager. CareerCo’s performance-based model really worked for us — by determining the areas we wanted to target in our recruitment efforts, they were able to deliver the right candidates at a much lower cost-per-hire than we had maintained with other job boards. We plan to continue expanding our job opening and locations sources through CareerCo.”
~Barry Zelickson Sr. VP | Border Foods, Inc.

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Hr blogs you should be reading

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How to Be a Better Boss

how to be a better boss

Learn how to be the kind of boss that employees look up to, respect, and are willing to go the extra mile for.

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A Glimpse into the Future Workforce: Meet Gen Z


What will be the tell tale characteristics of the next generation of employees known as Generation Z?

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