The Job Offer Your Candidates Really Want

shutterstock_157327220There’s no question that the lure of a competitive salary and benefits package can help you convert a job candidate into a hire. However, there’s a lot more going into a job seeker’s decision than just dollars and cents, as a recent nationwide study from Simply Hired reveals. According to the survey, a majority of American workers (88 percent) agree that it is most important to find a job that matches their personality and strengths.

Also worth noting is that job seekers are willing to hold out for a better offer, with 86 percent saying that finding the right job is more important than getting hired quickly. The big question is what constitutes a more attractive offer?Continue Reading

Why You Should Encourage Sick Employees to Stay Home


Find out the top reasons that American workers report to work even when they’re sick, and why that’s bad for business.

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When Positions Need to Be Filled, He Turns to The Employment Network


I have been working with Maryellen Adams and The Employment Network since the inception of the retail automotive cooperative with NJ CAR. Maryellen and her service has proven to be an invaluable asset in finding and screening job applicants. She is particularly adept at helping me write copy for the listings. When I need to fill a position for my dealership, the first place I go is to The Employment Network and Maryellen. I would be lost without them.
~David DeFilippo, General Manager | Circle Infiniti Inc.

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Will Your New Hires Go the Distance?


Employees are most likely to be over the “honeymoon” phase of a new job after just 9 months.

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10 Annoying HR Terms We Secretly Hate (But Use Anyway)


If you want to speak the language of the people who make the big company decisions, start using some of these top 10 annoying HR terms.

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Salaries are Looking (Slightly) Up


How does your company compare with the national average when it comes to employee raises?

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Open Positions Taking Too Long to Fill


This past June, employers reported the longest duration for filling positions since 2001.

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