Making the Case for a Bigger HR Technology Budget

getting a bigger HR technology budgetBeing an HR professional can sometimes feel like you have multiple personalities. With so many different job responsibilities to manage, being organized and streamlined is vital for productivity, not to mention your sanity. More and more organizations are turning to cloud-based technology solutions to aid their time-strapped HR staffers with their daily tasks, whether it’s payroll and benefits management, recruiting and hiring, or employee engagement initiatives.

Getting a budget increase request approved for such technology is easier said than done, however. To help you in your goal of putting new systems in place to make your job more efficient, take a look at some HR technology trends, and encourage your higher-ups to get on board…Continue Reading

Top Interview Questions and What They Can Reveal About Your Job Candidates


Try asking interview questions that will help you get to the heart of a candidate’s experience, work ethic, and what he or she has to offer.

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Choosing Top Talent Among College Graduates


Hoping for a good outcome isn’t exactly the wisest college graduate recruiting strategy around.

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4 Easy Fixes for More Efficient Hiring


Learn some recruiting lessons from the mistakes of other hiring managers.

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Stop Letting Good Candidates Slip Away


Revamp your hiring process so that you can find out what will motivate the top performers to join your team.

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How to Attract High Mobility Job Seekers


Highly skilled, educated workers are the ones who are ready and waiting for companies like yours to actively recruit them.

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How to Curb Productivity Killers and Work Time Wasters


Get a handle on the most common productivity killers in the workplace, and find the best way to curb them.

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